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Bill Ackman

09/2011: William Ackman: Everything You Need to Know About Finance and Investing in Under an Hour (The Floating University)

05/09/2009: Timeline of the Target-Ackman Relationship (

05/2009: The Optimist (Portfolio Magazine)

10/10/2008: Bill Ackman Interview on Charlie Rose (Charlie Rose)


Bruce Berkowitz

01/12/2010: “Bruce Berkowitz on Keys to Success for the Fairholme Fund” (Advisor Perspectives)

11/13/2009: Bruce Berkowitz Interview with Consuelo Mack (WealthtTrack) video

09/30/2009: Fairholme Conference Call Transcript

09/29/2009: “Hunting for Bargain Bin Values” (Fortune)

03/2009: “Fairholme Fund’s Bruce Berkowitz” (Outstanding Investor Digest)

02/11/2009: “FAIRX – Conference Call Transcript”

02/2009: “If Not Now, When?” (Columbia Business School’s Graham and Doddsville)

01/2009: “A Bargain Hunter Stands Tall” (

12/9/2008: Interview with Bruce Berkowitz (

11/28/2008: The Fairholme Fund – Conference Call with Bruce Berkowitz

10/28/2008: “Fairholme Sees Market Full of Values” (Investors Business Daily)

08/14/2008: “Bruce Berkowitz Stays in the Sunshine” (

03/17/2008: “Betting Big, Winning Big” (Barron’s)

12/2007: Interview with Bruce Berkowitz (Investment News)

10/20/2000: “You Only Need a Few Ideas” (Business Week)


Christopher Browne

12/16/2009: “A Career Spent Finding Value” (The Wall Street Journal)

05/29/2008: “Why Value Investing Works So Well: Exploiting Investor Irrationality” (Tweedy, Browne Co.)

2/12/2004: “Profiles in Investing: Chris Browne” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)


Bob Bruce

4/10/2003: “Profiles in Investing: Bob Bruce” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)


Warren Buffett

Tuck Investment Club: Notes from Tuck Investment Club’s past visits with the Oracle of Omaha

11.2009: “Transcript – Warren Buffett Interview” (Charlie Rose)

11/19/2009: “Buffett, Railroads, and the Lessons of Hisotry” by Alice Schroeder (The Motley Fool)

06-30-2009: “Cigar Butts and Moats” (

03/13/2009: “Annual Warren Buffett Trek” (Wharton Business School)

11/12/2008: “Warren Buffett has Lost His Groove” (

11/10/2008: “Betting on Buffett” (

10/17/2008: “Buy American – I Am” (New York Times)

6/30/2008: “My $650,100 Lunch with Warren Buffett” by Guy Spier (

3/31/3008: “A Discussion of Mr. Warren Buffett with Dr. George Athanassakos” (Ben Graham Center for Value Investing)

6/30/2007: “$650,100 Bid Wins Lunch with Buffett” (

05/10/2006: “The Warren and Charlie Show” (

05/21/2005: “The Best Advice I Ever Got” (Forbes)

05/01/2004: Notes from the 2004 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Meeting (Whitney Tilson)

1995: Warren Buffett speaks to students of UNC’s Business School (video)

10/30/1989“Are These the Next Warren Buffetts?” (Fortune)

1984: “The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville” (Hermes Magazine)

05/1977: “How Inflation Swindles the Equity Investor” (Forbes)

12/06/1951: “The Security I Like Best” (The Commercial and Financial Chronicle)

James Chanos

Columbia Business School

09/01/2009: “Community Forum Series on Behavioral Finance” (video) hosted by Columbia Business School Dean Glenn Hubbard and featuring Professors Gita Johar, Eric Johnson, and Nachum Sicherman. (Columbia Business School)

10/29/2005: “The Heresy That Made Them Rich” (New York Times)

Fall 2004: “Value Hunting: Columbia Students Bet on Ugly Ducklings” (Hermes Magazine)

Leon Cooperman

04/15/2004: “Profiles in Investing” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)

Ian Cumming

12/06/2008: “Leucadia’s Unmined Potential” (Barron’s)

Christopher Davis

05/19/2006: Chris Davis on WealthTrack

05/07/1999: Chris Davis on Owner Earnings (

Answath Damodaran

“Graham’s Disciples: Value Investing” (Investment Philosophies)

David Einhorn

03/12/2009: Einhorn Says Allied Rise, Fall Shows Oversight Poor (Reuters)

05/21/2008: Speech Excerpt from 2008 Ira W. Sohn Conference

04/08/2008: Transcript from David Einhorn’s Address given at Grant’s Spring Investment Conference

10/17/2007: Transcript from David Einhorn’s Keynote Address at the 17th Annual Graham & Dodd Breakfast

11/10/2006: Transcript from David Einhorn’s Value Investing Congress Speech

05/23/2006: Speech Excerpt from Ira W. Sohn Conference

Jean-Marie Eveillard

04/07/2009: “Au revior Jean-Marie Eveillard: A Final Interview” (Advisor Perspectives)

04/07/4009: “Whitman and Eveillard on Value Investing” (Advisor Perspectives)

04/01/2009: “The Wisdom of Humility” (

2/19/2009: Interview with Jean-Marie Eveillard (

10/2008: “Staying Power: Jean-Marie Eveillard” (Graham And Doddsville Newsletter)

06/19/2007: “A Value Maestro’s Encore” (

08/2007: “The World According to Eveillard” (Financial Advisor Magazine)

11/3/2005: “The 15th Annual Graham and Dodd Breakfast honoring Jean-Marie Eveillard” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)

11/04/2002: “All In The Mix” (Barron’s)

Mario Gabelli

03/27/2003: “Profiles in Investing: Mario Gabelli” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)

Benjamin Graham

2004: “Lessons and Ideas from Benjamin Graham” by Jason Zweig (AIMR)

“Benjamin Graham – The Father of Financial Analysis” by Irving Kahn, CFA and Robert D. Milne, CFA

“Benjamin Graham and Security Analysis – A Reminiscence” by Walter Schloss

“Value Avatar: Benjamin Graham” (Forbes Greatest Investing Stories)

1976: “A Conversation with Benjamin Graham” (Financial Analysts Journal)

3/6/1976: “An Hour with Mr. Graham” (by Hartman Butler, Jr., CFA)

Spring 1960: “Stock Market Warning: Danger Ahead!” (California Management Review)

11/1/1957: “Two Illustrative Approaches to Formula Valuations of Common Stocks” (The Analysts Journal)

6/3/1955: “How to Handle Your Money – An Interview with Ben Graham” (U.S. News and World Report)

3/1/1955: Statement of Ben Graham before the Senate Committee on Banking and Currency

1946: “The Rediscovered Benjamin Graham Lectures”

05/01/1947: “Money as a Pure Commodity” (American Economic Association)

1/17/1947: “Valuation Technique” – Actual notes of a lecture by Benjamin Graham

7/1/1932: “Should Rich but Losing Corporations Be Liquidated?” (

6/15/1932: “Should Rich Corporations Return Stockholders’ Cash?” (

6/1/1932: “Inflated Treasuries and Deflated Stockholders” (

Joel Greenblatt

10/28/2009: “Value Investing Guru Joel Greenblatt Sees Shift to High Quality Stocks” (Tech Crunch)

Bruce Greenwald

10/29/2014: “Value Investing and the Mis-measures of Modern Portfolio Theory” (

11/17/2009: “Bruce Greenwald on Positioning First Eagle’s Funds” (Advisor Perspectives)

11/10/2009: “Bruce Greenwald on Structural Problems in the Economy and Unemployment” (Advisor Perspectives)

10/9/2009: “Cheap and Ugly” ( video

10/9/2009: “Truly Compelling Opportunities Gone” ( video

12/17/2008: “Thinking Local” (

12/3/2008: An audio interview of Professor Greenwalddefending the thesis of his new book “Globalization: n. the irrational fear that someone in China will take your job” (Biz Radio Network)

12/1/2008: “Globalization Myths Debunked” (Miami Herald)

11/10/2008: “Bruce Greenwald on Value Investing” (U.S. News and World Report)

10/31/2008: “Grappling with Risk, The New Value-Investing Way” (Columbia Business School Ideas@Work)

09/02/2008: video: “Columbia’s Greenwald says Financial Rescue Inevitable” (

06/17/2008: “An Investor’s Classic Shows its Value Again” (Financial Times)

06/15/2007: video: “Greenwald of Columbia Prefers Value over Growth Stocks” (

05/09/2006: “When Top Guns Fly, Shareholders Pay” (International Herald Tribune)

08/08/2005: “The Graham and Dodd Lecture Series – Value Investing Seminar” held in London courtesy of Gabelli Asset Management

07/20/2005: “Greenwald Explains Value Principles” (Columbia Business School Alumni Website)

Winter 2004: “The Good Life: How Managers Made the Modern World” (Hermes Magazine)

08/13/2004: Motley Fool Interview Part V: “The One Investor to Bet On” (

08/12/2004: Motley Fool Interview Part IV: “Identifying Franchises” (

08/11/2004: Motley Fool Interview Part III: “The Art of Shorting” (

08/10/2004: Motley Fool Interview Part II: “To Hold Cash or Not” (

08/09/2004: Motley Fool Interview Part I: “Value Investing 101” (


Mason Hawkins

04/01/2009: “A Portfolio of Great Companies at Cheap Prices” (

10/7/2008: “Transcript of Southeastern Asset Management Inc.”


Seth Klarman

“Interview with Seth Klarman, MBA 1982” (HBS) video

03/17/2009: Class Notes from The Ivey School of Business Class with Seth Klarman (

12/17/2008: An interview with Seth Klarman (HBS)

06/25/2008: Seth Klarman Interview (Institutional Investor Magazine)

10/20/2007: Seth Klarman speaks at MIT

08/07/2006: “The $700 Book” (Business Week)


Peter Lynch

01/1997: “Betting on the Market” (AAII Journal)

1995: “Betting on the Market” (PBS Frontline)


Howard Marks

Memos From Our Chairman (Howard Marks): 1990 – present

11/20/2014: “Dare to be Great IIvideo (CFA Society)

11/10/2009: “Touchstones” (Oaktree Client Memo)

12/1993: “The Value of Predictions, or Where’d All This Rain Come From?” (Financial Analysts Journal)


Michael Mauboussin

2/15/10: “Take Control” ( click here for the video

1/12/2010: “A Surge in the Urge to Merge” (Mauboussin on Strategy, Legg Mason Capital Management)

9/29/2009: “Common Mistakes even Smart Investors Make” (

9/28/2009: “Miguel Barbosa of Simoleon Sense Interviews Michael Mauboussin” link to original (Simoleon Sense Blog)

12/16/2006: “Common Errors in DCF Models” (Mauboussin on Strategy, Legg Mason Capital Management)

Spring 2002: “Valuation: An Epistemological View” (Strategic Investor Relations)

10/21/1997: “Thoughts on Valuation” (CSFB Equity Research)

1/14/1997“Competitive Advantage Period “CAP” – The Neglected Value Driver” (CSFB Equity Research)

Bill Miller

5/11/2008: “Humbler, After a Streak of Magic” (New York Times)

James Montier

“Ten Lessons (Not) Learnt” (2009)

Charlie Munger A compilation of information about Charlie Munger

Wesco Financial Corp: Links to Charlie Munger’s Annual Letter to Shareholders

“The Art of Stock Picking”

03/11/2008: “DuBridge Distinguished Lecture: A Conversation with Charlie Munger” (video) (Caltech Today)

05/16/2006: “Ideas that will Make You Money” (

10/3/2003: “Academic Economics: Strengths and Faults After Considering Interdisciplinary Needs” (Herb Kay Undergraduate Lecture to University of California, Santa Barbara)

Bill Nygren

05/30/2000: “The Secret of Success for Oakmark’s Bill Nygren” (

Robert Olstein

“Why All Earnings Are Not Created Equal” (The New York Times)

Mohnish Pabrai

06/19/2009: “That’s One Expensive Buffett” – audio/print interview (American Public Media)

Rich Pzena

4/23/2008: “Doubling Down in Financials” (

09/20/2006: “Richard Pzena Presentation” (Joel Greenblatt’s class at Columbia Business School) **I normally will not post class notes to this site, but I found these on the internet so they are already in the public domain.**

10/30/2003: “Profiles in Investing: Rich Pzena” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)

Robert Robotti

8/31/2011: Value Investor Insight: ” Uncommonly Good” (Value Investor Insight)

Winter 2011: Graham and Doddsville Featuring Bob Robotti (Columbia Business School)

12/8/2009: Interview with Pimm Fox (Bloomberg TV)

11/5/2009: Forbes Interview with Bob Lenzner (

8.25/2006: “Not-So-Ugly Ducklings” (Value Investor Insight)

Robert Rodriguez

12/4/2009: “FPA’s Rodriguez Flouts ‘Small Mind’ Investor Rules to Top Funds” (

Jim Rogers

11/20/2009: “My First Million” (Financial

Charles Royce

12/22/2008: “Charles Royce Interview Transcript” (

Ruane Cunniff & Goldfarb

09/2009: “Firm Focus: Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb” (Medley & Brown, LLC)

05/17/2007: 2007 Sequoia Fund Annual Shareholder Meeting Transcript

Walter and Edwin Schloss

“Sixty-Five Years on Wall Street” (Grant’s Fall Investor Conference)

2/11/2008: “Experience” (Forbes)

4/17/2003: “Profiles in Investing: Walter and Edwin Schloss” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)

11/7/1993: “Columbia Business School Upper Level Seminar in Value Investing” (Mr. Schloss’ notes)

3/10/1994: “Factors Needed to Make Money in the Stock Market”

2/25/1985: “The Right Stuff – Why Walter Schloss is Such A Great Investor” (Barron’s)

5/16/1952: “Criteria for Liquidations Where Money is Held by Company”

Paul Sonkin

08/03/2009: “Small-Caps Worth a Look” (Forbes) video

03/06/2009: “Profiles in Investing: Paul Sonkin” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)

Guy Spier

03/31/2011: MOI Interview with Guy Spier (Manual of Ideas)

06/23/2009: (video) “Betty Liu of Bloomberg interviews Guy Spier of Aquamarine Fund about his lunch with Warren Buffett” (Bloomberg TV)

6/30/2008: “My $650,100 Lunch with Warren Buffett” by Guy Spier (

Ken Shubin Stein

03/24/2009: Don’t Catch Falling Knives” (

Lawrence Tisch

06/17/2008: Tisch Hews to the Prudent Approach (WSJ)

Arnold Van Den Berg

10/31/2012: “Arnold Van Den Berg on Investment Strategies” (

11/13/2009: “Profit Guru: Fair Play” (Outlook PROFIT)

Prem Watsa

10/2011: “Fashionably Early” (CFA Magazine)

04/16/2009: “Prem Watsa is Upbeat because Everyone Else Is Not” (

04/2009: “The $2 Billion Man” (Toronto Life)

05/25/2007: Prem Watsa speaks at the Toronto Board of Trade about Benjamin Graham

Marty Whitman

04/07/4009: “Whitman and Eveillard on Value Investing” (Advisor Perspectives)

03/31/2009: “Veteran Tweaks Graham’s Rules to Find Bargains” (Financial Post)

04/30/2008: Third Avenue Funds 2Q 2008 Shareholder Letter

01/31/2008: Third Avenue Funds 1Q 2008 Shareholder Letter

4/22/2004: “Profiles in Investing: Marty Whitman” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)

David Winters

2/25/2008: “Good Teachers, Great Student” (Barron’s)

Sam Zell

01/29/2004: “Profiles in Invsting: Sam Zell” (Columbia Business School’s ‘The Bottom Line’)

Other Articles / Letters / Memos / Essays

Peter Bernstein

Peter Bernstein on Risk (

Michael Burry

Betting on the Blind Side – An excerpt from Michael Lewis’ forthcoming book on Scion Fund Manager Dr. Michael Burry. (

Abhay Deshpande

Intrinsic Value and Margin of Safety – Abhay Deshpande, who is a Portfolio Manager at First Eagle Funds, discusses the timeless lessons of Benjamin Graham and how they were used by his mentor Jean-Marie Eveillard.

Atul Gawande

6/4/2012: Failure and Rescue – Williams College Commencement (The New Yorker)

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