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Julian Robertson on CNBC

September 29, 2009 By: webmaster Category: Julian Robertson, Tiger Cubs

Julian Robertson, who founded Tiger Management in 1980, is a legend in the hedge fund industry.   His Tiger Fund has spun-off dozens of so-called “Tiger Cubs.”  Many of these cubs, which include Maverick Capital, Viking Capital and Lone Pine Capital to name just a few,  have since spun off their own successful funds.

John Griffin, a former Tiger Analyst, is the founder of Tiger Cub Blue Ridge Capital.  Along with analyst/PM David Greenspan, John teaches a course to select Columbia Business School students called “The Investor’s Edge:  Advanced Investment Research.”  In the past, students have presented their final research memos to a panel of judges that included Julian Robertson.

Mr. Robertson talks on CNBC about a range of topics, from the risk inflation poses to the economy to the U.S. dependence on China and Japan to fund its debt.