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Lunch With Warren Buffett

February 24, 2010 By: webmaster Category: Guy Spier, Mohnish Pabrai, Warren Buffett

I am extraordinarily fortunate to be able to count Guy Spier of Aquamarine Fund as one of my personal mentors.  In 2006 Guy, along with Mohnish Pabrai of Pabrai Funds, won the annual charitable auction for lunch with Warren Buffett. This year’s lunch took place yesterday in Manhattan.

Obviously one can learn much by studying Guy as an investor.  One can learn even more by observing how Guy absorbs various mental models and incorporates them into not only his investment style, but also into every aspect of his being.  I believe that Guy exemplifies the term intellectual curiosity.  In a recent interview with Betty Liu of Bloomberg, Guy discusses some of the lessons he took away from his lunch with Warren Buffett.   Click here for the interview.

Warren Buffett also mentioned Guy and Mohnish in his interview with Betty Liu.  Click here for the interview.


Click here to read an article Guy penned for Time Magazine after his lunch with Mr. Buffett.

Your Mind and Your Money

February 19, 2010 By: webmaster Category: Behavioral Finance, CBS Faculty, Michael Mauboussin

I recently discovered a great PBS Site for an NBR series called “Your Mind and Your Money.” I highly recommend taking some time to read and watch the interviews they have posted.  One interview in particular features Columbia Business School Professor and Legg Mason Chief Strategist Michael Mauboussin.

(You can view the transcript here.)

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