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Morningstar Interviews Professor Bruce Greenwald

June 03, 2010 By: webmaster Category: Bruce Greenwald, CBS Faculty, Columbia Business School, The Heilbrunn Center for Graham and Dodd Investing

Morningstar recently posted a four-part interview with Bruce Greenwald, Columbia Business School Professor and Director of Research at First Eagle.

Investors are again being offered an extraordinary opportunity to put capital to work in high-quality companies at a good price, says Columbia professor Bruce Greenwald.

Click below to view the videos:

Part 1 – Greenwald:  Why First Eagle Favors Amex Over Citi

Part 2 – Greenwald:  The Most Extraordinary Thing About This Market

Part 3 – Greenwald:  Opportunity Even When the Market’s Not Cheap

Part 4 – Greenwald:  Wouldn’t Bite on Apple