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The Seven Immutable Laws of Investing

March 09, 2011 By: webmaster Category: Behavioral Finance, James Montier, Understanding Value

James Montier of GMO, LLC recently penned a piece titled “The Seven Immutable Laws of Investing.”  These “laws” are certainly not new to adherents of value investing.  However, I believe we need to constantly reinforce these laws, especially since they are often inconsistent with our natural tendencies.

So, now, for the moment of truth, I present a set of principles that together form what I call The Seven Immutable Laws of Investing.

1.  Always insist on a margin of safety

2.  This time is never different

3.  Be patient and wait for the fat pitch

4.  Be contrarian

5.  Risk is the permanent loss of capital, never a number

6.  Be leery of leverage

7.  Never invest in something you don’t understand

You can find the entire report here.  (Free registration is required)