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(While the editor of this blog  is a  co-founding editor of this  newsletter, there is no longer an affiliation between the two.)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 28 Winter 2017 Featuring: Michael Blitzer (MBA ’04) & Guy Shanon (MBA ’99) (Kingstown Capital), Rupal Bhansali (Ariel Investments), Simeon Wallis (ValorBridge Partners), Jared Friedberg (Mercator) and Charles Studness (PhD ’63) & Roy Studness (MBA ’06) (Studness Capital Management). This issue also includes student pitches from the Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing Stock Pitch Challenge.

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 27 Fall 2016 Featuring: John Phelan (MSD Capital), Alex Magaro (Meritage Group), Adam Wyden ’10 (ADW Capital) and Marc Cohodes (Rocker Partners/Copper River).  This issue also includes investment ideas presented by the five finalists of the 2016 Pershing Square Challenge.

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 26 Winter 2016 Featuring: Craig Effron (Scoggin Capital Management), Jon Salinas ’08 (Plymouth Lane Capital Management), Jeff Gramm ’03 (Bandera Partners) and Shane Parrish (Farnam Street).  This issue also includes three investment ideas from CBS students.

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 25 Fall 2015 Featuring: Alex Sacerdote (Whale Rock Capital), Ed Bosek (BeaconLight Capital), Jane Siebels (Siebels Asset Management Research) and the team at Global Endowment Management. It also features three investment ideas from CBS students.

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 24 Spring 2015 Featuring: Matthew McLennan and Kimball Booker (First Eagle Investment Management), Josh Resnick (Jericho Capital), Harvey Sawikin (Firebird Management), Eric Yip and Mark Unferth (Alder Hill Management), Rolf Heitmeyer ’06 (Breithorn Capital Management) and Investment Ideas from the 2015 Pershing Square Competition

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 23 Winter 2015 Featuring: Bill Ackman (Pershing Square Capital), Jay Petschek and Steve Major (’94) (Corsair Capital Management) and Andrew Wellington (Lyrical Asset Management)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 22 Fall 2014 Featuring: Wally Weitz (Weitz Investment Management), Guy Gottfried (Rational Investment Group) and the team at Development Capital Partners

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 21 Spring 2014 Featuring: Arnold Van Den Berg and Jim Brilliant (Century Management), Philippe Jabre (Jabre Capital), Eric Rosenfeld (Crescendo Partners), and H. Kevin Byun (’07) (Denali Investors)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 20 Winter 2014 Featuring: Lee Ainslie (Maverick Capital), Ken Shubin Stein (Spencer Capital Management), Geoffrey Batt (Euphrates Iraq Fund), Jim Grant (Grant’s Interest Rate Observer), Justin Muzinich (Muzinich and Co.)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 19 Fall 2013 Featuring: Guy Spier (Aquamarine Capital), Dave Robertson and Steve Feilmeier (Koch Industries)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 18 Spring 2013 Featuring: Li Lu (Himalaya Capital), Preston Athey (T. Rowe Price) and Paul Isaac (Arbiter Partners)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 17 Fall 2012  Featuring: Barry Rosenstein and Scott Ostfeld (Jana Partners), Frank Martin (Martin Capital), Russell Glass (RDG Capital), Daniel Krueger (Owl Creek Asset Management) and Jon Friedland (Amici Capital, formerly Porter Orlin)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 16 Fall 2012 Featuring: Joel Greenblatt (Gotham Capital), Jim Tisch and Joe Rosenberg (Loews Corp), Charles Royce, Whitney George, Buzz Zaino and Charlie Dreifus (Royce & Associates)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 15 Spring 2012  Featuring:  Jim Chanos (Kynikos Associates), Alex Roepers (Atlantic Investment Management), Tom Russo (Gardner Russo & Gardner), Julian Robertson of (Tiger Management), and Robert Luciano (VGI Partners)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 14 Winter 2012  Featuring: Michael Karsch (Karsch Capital Management), Bill Strong (Equinox Partners), William von Mueffling (CBS ’95 – Cantillon Capital Management), Sam Zell (Equity Group Investments), and William Martin (Raging Capital Management)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 13 Fall 2011  Featuring:  Leon Cooperman (CBS ’67 – Omega Advisors),  Mario Gabelli (CBS ’67 – GAMCO Investors), and Marty Whitman (Third Avenue Funds), Eli Rabinowich (CBS ’04 – Pzena Asset Management)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 11 Winter 2011  Featuring:  Larry Robbins (Glenview Institutional Partners),  Robert Robotti (Robotti & Co.),  Artie Williams (’02), Jennifer Wallace (’94) and Judd Kahn (Summit Street Capital)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 10 Fall 2010  Featuring:  Steven Romick (First Pacific Advisors),  Donald Smith (Donald Smith & Co.),  Danilo Santiago (’01) and Claudio Skilnik (’02) (Rational Asset Management)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 9 Spring 2010 Featuring:  Glenn Greenberg (Brave Warrior Capital), Mike Blitzer (’04) and Guy Shanon (’99) (Kingstown Capital), Jeremy Grantham (GMO), Bob Bruce(’70), The Pershing Square Challenge

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 8 Winter 2010 Featuring:  Mason Hawkins, Tweedy, Browne, 2009 Visit with The Oracle of Omaha, First Annual Moon Lee Prize for Excellence

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 7 Fall 2009 Featuring:  Howard Marks (Oaktree Capital), David Samra ‘93 (Artisan Partners), and Kevin Dreyer ‘05 (GAMCO Investors)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 6 Summer 2009 Featuring:  Paul Sonkin (Hummingbird Value Funds), Steve Moyer, Jim Scott (General Motors Investment Management), Michael van Biema (Biema Value Partners), Brown Brothers Harrimen Core Select Fund

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 5 Winter 2009 Featuring:  Bruce Berkowitz (Fairholme Fund), Michael Mauboussin (Legg Mason), Bruce Greenwald, Graham and Dodd Breakfast

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 4 Summer/Fall 2008 Featuring:  Mohnish Pabrai (Pabrai Investment Funds), Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway), William Ackman (Pershing Square Capital), The CIMA Conference

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 3 Winter 2007 Featuring:  Jean-Marie Eveillard (First Eagle Funds), David Einhorn (Greenlight Capital), David Greenspan (Blue Ridge Capital), William Von Mueffling (Cantillon Capital)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 2 Summer 2007 Featuring:  David Winters (Wintergreen Fund), Warren Buffett (Berkshire Hathaway)

Graham & Doddsville – Issue 1 Winter 2006/2007 Featuring:  Richard Pzena (Pzena Investment Management), Thomas Russo (Gardner, Russo & Gardner)

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